Klausner family establishes scholarship fund

A family rooted in kindness

The Klausner family has deep roots in kindness. Taylor and Marissa Klausner, both share this quality. The family has donated their latest charitable giving to the IU School of Nursing Bloomington. This kindness and generosity all stemmed from a passion for family and helping those with genuine need who are deserving of assistance. Daniel (BS Accounting, IU Bloomington, Class of 1986) knew that his daughters were both hard-wired for kindness from a young age. “I believe both chose nursing because they understood their careers would focus on care and patient interaction.” Taylor and Marissa are both IUSON Bloomington nurses, Taylor a recent IUSON Bloomington graduate and Marissa in her final year. Each were motivated to help people in choosing nursing.

Taylor chose the nursing profession because “I love helping people. As a labor and delivery nurse, it is a privilege to be a part of births and guiding new parents through the journey.” Taylor, now a labor and delivery nurse in Cincinnati, was married over Labor Day weekend to AJ Schub, another IU graduate. Long-term she would like to return to Bloomington as a professor. Marissa Klausner chose the nursing profession because “the medical field has always been intriguing to me. Developing personal relationships with patients and learning their stories is extremely rewarding.” Marissa is in her final year at IUSON Bloomington and is exploring graduate programs while also working part-time at a community hospital emergency department in Indianapolis.

Taylor and Marissa’s nursing education at IUSON Bloomington, which has provided them with outstanding professional skills and lifelong friendships, was the catalyst for the creation of the Klausner Family Scholarship fund. The fund is the embodiment of the family’s kindness. Daniel explains, “An admired friend, Steve Jacobs, once described life as a wheel with 3 spokes...work, community, and family. All three spokes need to be properly balanced, or the wheel won't turn. I believe giving is essential to community. It has always been important to me. I have tried to focus financial giving activities on helping those most deserving achieve something they could draw on throughout life.” This fund will allow the Klausner family to root their work, community and family in kindness for a very long time.

Daniel also saw a lot of kindness in IUSON Bloomington’s approach to education and financial assistance. “The school provides an outstanding education and family environment for its students. Both my daughters loved their experience at IU, and they are both well-prepared thanks to the outstanding curriculum and professionals. Both my girls were fortunate to enjoy their education without the burden of significant debt, or the added responsibility of a job in Bloomington. I wanted to help those individuals dedicated enough to care for others, and disciplined enough to earn their way into the IU program.” Scholarship support is key to the Klausners as embodied in Marissa’s admiration for a classmate who works multiple jobs in order to attend IU. This commitment to the IU School of Nursing is an expression of thankfulness from the entire family. The Klausner family hopes the recipients become quality, educated healthcare professionals with fewer financial concerns.