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A Note From the Heart

2017 IU SON Bloomington grad Becca Wade had been working at the University of Maryland Medical Center on an Infectious Diseases Unit for the past year when her unit manager approached her with a special request: would she be interested in precepting a senior practicum student during her final semester of college? 

Becca said “yes” and was soon working with Claudia Jacobs, a nursing student at Notre Dame of Maryland University. “Throughout the practicum, Claudia shadowed me and worked with me for over 150 hours,” says Becca. “It was amazing to see how much knowledge and confidence she gained in those 150 hours alone!” At the end of their time together, Claudia surprised Becca with an assortment of small gifts. There was also a heartfelt, handwritten note that said:

Becca Wade and Claudia Jacobs
Claudia's note to Becca