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Thomas Kuhn retires from IU SON, Bloomington

He's definitely not one to seek the spotlight, but we want to offer a heartfelt "thank you" to Lecturer Thomas Kuhn upon his retirement. 

Thank you for your years of service to our students and our school. To say that we will all miss you as a colleague, mentor, teacher, and friend is certainly an understatement!

L to r: Ronda Hendricks, John Simmons, Sonita Ball, Brian Kyololo, Mary Lynn Davis-Ajami, Dinah Chelagat, and Pei-Shiun Chang

Our distinguished visitors from Moi University

In late October, we were pleased to welcome our special guests, Dr. Dinah Chelagat and Dr. Brian Kyololo, to the Bloomington campus. Dr. Chelagat is the Dean of the Moi University School of Nursing in Kenya, and Dr. Kyololo is a member of the school’s faculty.

Dr. Chelagat and Dr. Kyololo were here to discuss ways in which we can grow the partnership between our schools. They met with members of our faculty, were introduced to some of our nursing students, lunched at the Tudor Room, and toured our Simulation Center and Nurse Learning Resource Center as part of a very busy day of “getting to know you” activities.

We look forward to growing the partnership between our two universities!