Student Corner

Boot Camp

August 17 & 18, 2018

The start of the fall semester saw something new, as we supplemented our traditional new student orientation with our first-ever nursing Boot Camp.

Ninety-six students (80 from our traditional BSN program and 16 from our accelerated second-degree program) attended the camp – which featured numerous ice breakers; introductions of our faculty & staff; a Canvas tutorial; a presentation about our Inter-professional Simulation (SIM) Center, courtesy of SIM Coordinator Sally Gindling; a Cultural Competency Workshop; faculty-led presentations on ethics and program outcomes; presentations by IU’s Money Smarts, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Academic Support Services … even a fun-filled scavenger hunt!

"There is so much information that students need to learn in the early stages," says Nursing Advisor Leslie Hobbs-Ramsey, "and we wanted to be efficient in getting them information they would all need."

"We added Boot Camp to our new student orientation because we also wanted to provide our students with a comfortable place where we could pass on that information and where they could make new friends. It was such a success that many students who sat together at Boot Camp are close friends now."

Thanks to our faculty, staff, and Colleen Matthew (our nursing program student worker) who helped to make Boot Camp such a success. Many of the faculty were able to attend Boot Camp, and students commented about how much they loved meeting them and hearing about their areas of expertise … and some behind-the-scene stories. We are excited and already planning for next year’s Camp!

Faculty presentations - like the one on our SIM Center led by the center's coordinator, Sally Gindling (upper-right hand corner, second from left) - gave students a behind-the-scenes look at the nursing profession. Many students who met at Boot Camp are friends now. Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李

Science Fest

October 27, 2018

IU SON, Bloomington's participation in Science Fest was also a huge success! Over 2,000 people attended this year's free festival, hosted by IU's Office of Science Outreach (OSO).

Those attending Science Fest had the chance to participate in over 150 hands-on activities, demonstrations, and talks conducted by representatives from 20 IU departments and disciplines … including, of course, the IU School of Nursing!

Over 300 people stopped by our booth for blood pressure and pulse ox screenings, hand-hygiene training, interactive exercises, and our popular baby safety simulations, in which kids were able to learn how to feed, burp, rock, and even change the diapers on our simulation babies.

Under the guidance of Clinical Assistant Professor Derrick Garletts and Visiting Lecturer Ronda Hendricks, our student nurses spent 4 – 6 weeks preparing for the event.  Along the way, we may have even saved a life – as one of our student nurses discovered an abnormal pulse on an adult, which led to one of our faculty members alerting the woman that she had a potentially serious heart condition and recommending that she seek immediate treatment!

Take a few minutes now to browse through the people, events, and exhibits that made Science Fest so educational and so much fun! Click on the left or right arrows to scroll through the photos.
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李
Photo credit: Chi Huang Lee 李

Dr. Crowder's Eagle

November 12, 2018

Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Sharron Crowder from IU SON in Indianapolis visited our campus on November 12 to give a presentation to our students and faculty about the importance of being involved in health policy. While here, she staged an impromptu induction ceremony to announce that IU SON, Bloomington's Harley Thomas has been named one of Dr. Crowder's Eagles.

The Eagles are a group of 27 nursing students or alumni who are interested in health policy and advocacy. This exceptional group comes from all areas of IU SON's programs (BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD), with most coming from our Master's-to-PhD level programs. The Eagles are mentored by Dr. Crowder - not only throughout their time at IU SON - but even beyond, as they advocate for healthcare issues and the nursing profession at local, state, and national levels.

Harley is only the second undergraduate from IU SON to be named an Eagle, and she is the first Eagle from the Bloomington campus. Harley's advocacy work as an Eagle will focus on foster care policy. Congratulations, Harley, and thank you, Dr. Crowder, for your important work!
Dr. Sharron Crowder with Harley Thomas Photo credit: Mary Hannah