Prenursing Coursework

Required courses (approximately 20 credits)

These courses are required for the BSN program application:

Important notes about required courses

The required science courses must have in-person labs. Required anatomy, math, microbiology, and physiology courses must be less than seven years old at the time of admission.

A maximum of two attempts is allowed for any required course in which you received a grade of C– or below. The grade earned on your second attempt will be used to calculate the nursing application, Required course, and GenEd GPAs for admission purposes. A grade of C or higher must be earned by the second completed attempt. This includes grades earned in PHSL-P 215 and BIOL-M 200/215. Required courses taken as Advanced College Project (ACP) courses or transferred from other schools will be considered for the nursing application and will count as a first attempt.

IU Bloomington GenEd courses (approximately 9–11 credits)

Three courses selected from these IU Bloomington General Education (GenEd) areas are required for the BSN application:

  • Arts & Humanities (AH): maximum of two courses
  • Social & Historical Studies (SH): maximum of one course
  • World Languages (WL) or World Cultures (WC): maximum of two courses