Faculty Research

Research that advances nursing education and practice

The Indiana University School of Nursing has a proud tradition of conducting research that makes an impact on nursing professionals and students as well as patients and their families. Our faculty members are innovative investigators who explore the most pressing issues affecting the nursing profession today.

On the Bloomington campus, there is a strong emphasis on research that focuses on nursing education.

Meet our researchers

Assistant Professor Greg Carter


Dr. Carter’s research focuses on designing studies to address health disparities among sexual minorities. He has expertise in designing studies to identify barriers to HIV screening, and creating community-based HIV prevention interventions.

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Pei-Shiun Chang

Assistant Professor Pei-Shiun Chang


Dr. Chang’s research focuses on promoting the physical and psychological health of older adults with chronic illness using Qigong exercise. Her expertise is in interventional research, Chinese traditional medicine exercise interventions, meta-analysis, and health outcomes.

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Assistant Professor Angela Opsahl


Dr. Opsahl’s research is closely tied to her scholarship on innovative teaching approaches for student, community, and patient learning with application to practice. She is motivated by her interest in evaluation, using evidence to inform teaching, curriculum, and practice.

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Professor Deanna Reising


Dr. Reising’s research focuses on educational and patient outcomes of interprofessional education and practice. A Macy Faculty Scholar, she studies interprofessional student navigation teams impacting patients at high risk for readmission in care.

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Amy Hagedorn Wonder

Associate Professor Amy Hagedorn Wonder


Assoc. Professor Wonder’s research is centered on instrument development to objectively evaluate EBP knowledge across academe and practice. Her teaching and research is driven by her passion for EBP and promoting best practice and outcomes.

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Research support and resources

Faculty members in the School of Nursing have the freedom to explore their research interests and the support and resources to be successful. The school’s Office of Research Support assists investigators through every stage of the research process, providing help with everything from proposal development and submission to project management to publishing.

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Nurturing future nurse-researchers

The School of Nursing is committed to providing opportunities for the next generation of nurse-researchers to get a head start on exploring their research interests. Students who participate in the school’s undergraduate honors program work side by side with faculty mentors who guide them through the process of developing a proposal for a research study, conducting the study, and writing an honors thesis or an article for a scholarly publication.

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